Unpimp my Auto

Na das nenne ich doch mal coole deutsche Werbung:
(3 Spots)

Vor allem dieser hübsche deutsche Akzent und der Spruch “Pretuned by german engineers” kommen nett rüber
(Dank dem SchrenkBlog für den Hinweis darauf)

5 thoughts on “Unpimp my Auto

  1. This is a great series of ads; I almost cried laughing so much. Did you catch him “flashing” his “gang sign” for VW in the third? Classic!

  2. I have not seen it on american TV, then again, have not been watching much TV here.

  3. The same as me here
    But who need TV when he has internet access and enough possibilities to spend his leisure time better ? *fg*

  4. I gues its a kind of viral marketing for the web…I agree its great and it proves: we germans can be funny…

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